Rose Gold Desk Accessories

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Dress up your desk with these rose gold desk accessories.

Rose gold has been trending for a couple of years, and it’s still going strong. It’s feminine and chic, while looking very modern at the same time.

It’s used as an accent material on just about anything from electronics to kitchen utensils.

Which means desk accessories like organizers, pens, and other office supplies are naturally no exception.

Keep reading to see our top recommendations.

Rose Gold Desk Accessories

File Organizer


Rose Gold Desktop File Organizer

This is a great way to keep all your notebooks and notepads organized on your desk instead of lying all together, one on top of another. The same goes for your favorite magazines.



Rose Gold Desktop Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar. Although using a digital calendar is more common these days, a lot of people still prefer to write down their agendas.

Keep track of all your important dates and deadlines with this chic notepad calendar.

Rose GOld Pen Set


Set of 4 Pens

This is a set of four pens in a rose gold theme with big gems/diamonds on the top. You can’t get much more glam than these. If that’s your style, these will certainly pop on your desk.

Rose Gold Pencil Holder


Metal Geometric Cup Pencil Holder

If you’re looking for the perfect place to put your pretty new pens in, it’s this pencil cup holder. This can double as a makeup brush holder for your vanity.

MOdern Feminine Office Computer Desk CHair

Pink Velvet and Gold Office Chair

Accent chairs can really turn a room around. Having a feature like this pink velvet office chair can pop even more.

If you are able to decorate your home office however you want, consider yourself lucky.

Home Office Decorating Tips

That’s it for our top recommendations, now we will get into a few tips to help you decorate your home office efficiently.

Pick a Color Scheme

It may sound very basic, but it’s an often forgotten step. You’re decorating will come together much easier if you have a target (specific color scheme or theme) in mind.

You will be able to seek out and eliminate options much quicker on the basis of whatever theme or color palette you choose.

Outline Large Items First

Think about the large pieces that you will need first, and build around that. For a home office, that may be a desk, chair, bookshelf, etc.

Once you decide what those will look like and be made out of, you can plan a more cohesive look with the smaller items such as lamps, mirrors, etc.

Don’t be Afraid to DIY

Re-purposing items or making them yourself is an alternative to buying all new items. You can find things for cheap and create a custom item that better suits your needs.

Decorating your Desk

You want your workspace to be efficient, support flow, and inspire you to create and be productive. That’s why they are actually quite personal.

Don’t limit yourself when trying to design your home office or decorate your desk.

Let your personal style flow and create a space that is an expression of your taste.

Rose gold desk accessories can help you pull together any style or look you are going for, but they work especially with modern, chic, and feminine styles.

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